Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Box

Her fingers frantically dug through the earth. Desperate, she dug faster. "Where is it?", she thought in a panic. This was the third hole she had dug in a two yard perimeter, and she still couldn't find it. According to her recollection, she had buried the box exactly 10 heel-to-toe steps away from the tree. It should still be there. It had to be. Nobody knew to come looking for it, and the ground appeared untouched. Granted, she had buried the box there about twelve years ago. But, the tree certainly had not moved in that time, and the location was well deserted, and likely had not seen much, if any, traffic over the past twelve years.

She stopped digging for a moment. Caught her breath. She came to her senses and thought about the situation rationally. "Clearly, the box is still here, somewhere. The ground may have shifted somewhat, putting the box at a slightly deeper level, and perhaps I'm a little bit off as to the direction. It's been a long time. But, if I just relax, I will find it." That made her feel better.

Reassured by her rationale, she started reminiscing. She remembered the day when she had brought the box here. She had sat under the tree for hours that afternoon as the sun was setting in the distance in a fiery red and purple haze. She had clutched the box in her lap. At times overtaken with emotion, she had cried, then regained her composure, only to cry again some moments later. It had been an emotional afternoon, one that she would never forget as long as she lived. Inside the box were the remnants of a time, now long past. Yet, due to recent developments it had become crucial once again in her life. She had to find the box. It was her only salvation.

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