Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Return To The Scene

At this point in the intern year, I find myself, well, hmm...exhausted. Frustrated. Cranky. Irritable. I whine. I complain. I bitch. And I moan. I even try to cover it all up with an annoyingly happy attitude to pretend that all is well. But, for those who really know me, it's all a charade, and on the inside I'm about as spent as I can be. A vacuous shell of my usual self. Empty and tired. Ready to pass out in a heap of exhaustion.

Thankfully, that is when an entire weekend off at the Door County lakehouse re-presents itself.

An oasis of relaxed tranquility. Again, we found ourselves here, back at the lake house. A little bit warmer this time. Good friends. A couple of dogs. One firepit lakeside, and a fireplace inside. A hot tub, and a porch with chaise lounges. It is just what the doctor ordered and what this doctor needed. A place to recharge my batteries. Ponder deep thoughts in solitude. Discuss profound topics over a glass of wine by the fire. A place to rediscover life and appreciate the joy and wonder of good friends, beauty of nature, and to be thankful for the too brief freedom from work.

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