Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, The Juxtaposition

It is interesting the items that end up getting mixed together when you move. In one arm you're carrying a box of shoes and in the other, a case of beer. Your plants and a bag of toiletries. A box of books and a bag of towels. Your purse collection loaded in your arms with bags of pasta and cereal dangling below. As I was carrying yet more stuff from my old place to the new place this evening, I could not help but reflect on the interesting juxtaposition of items when you move. How did my glasses, cups, and coffee mugs end up getting carried into the new place along with my socks and underwear?

For a relatively organized person, you'd think I'd have some kind of rhyme, reason, or strategy to this whole moving thing. Alas, no. The object has just been to carry as much as I've been able to at a time; saving the items I use daily for last. But, the thing I find most interesting of all is how much stuff I have accummulated. The place I currently live in is pretty darn small. In fact, it is not much larger than some people's walk in closets. Hence, the small size effectively puts a limit on how much stuff I have been able to keep on hand. It is thus a complete mystery to me how I've accummulated so much stuff or where it has all been hiding.

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