Friday, November 7, 2008

A Dream Come True

From the early days since my arrival in this country, it's been a dream of mine to gather together with a group of good friends for a cozy weekend getaway in a Wisconsin cabin. After years of quietly harboring this dream, it has finally come true! However, as it turns out, the cabin is beyond my wildest expectations and is more of a luxury villa right on the lake.

We arrived here late last night. As we pulled up, it was pitch black outside so I could not make out any of the scenery, but could hear the Lake Michigan waves rolling in, roaring loud like the ocean. Inside, it was warm, welcoming, spacious, yet cozy and luxurious with a beautiful fireplace. Tired after the week and the drive up, we had a quick night cap before crashing into bed.

This morning, I awoke to the sound of the waves rolling in from the lake. Curious to see the scenery that had eluded me last night, I quickly jumped out of bed. Looking out the large bay windows, I excitedly discovered that there is but a stretch of green lawn separating us from the beach. Aaah! The sun shone warmly through the windows. I ran downstairs and was greeted by the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing. Unable to contain myself, I rushed outside to explore. The sun was warm and the waves loud and beautiful. I skipped to the lakefront in my bare feet and slipped them in the lake. Brrr, cold!

We watched the dogs play around on the lawn for a little bit and took pictures to share. Unfortunately, I left my card reader at home (card reader curse at work again!) so cannot upload any pictures until I get home. It's been a leisurely day since. Reading by the bay window while contemplatively watching the waves. Chatting. Laughing. Playing with the dogs. Sipping coffee. Snacking. Think I'm going to take the dogs on a walk along the beach now.

More later...

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