Thursday, August 7, 2008

Linus På Linjen And Barbapapa

No more work related postings for a while! Instead, I would like to relish in a couple of cartoons from my childhood that I recently came across.

As you may recall from an earlier posting, we did not have commercial television when I grew up in Sweden. We also did not have many cartoons or animated TV shows. We did get them on occasion, but they were so rare that we always treasured them much like we savored our Saturday candy. Also, remember that we only had two television stations so everyone in the whole country in your age group would pretty much watch the same channel you did since the two stations rarely aired competing shows of interest simultaneously. (Swedes are so considerate and such rational thinkers!) Hence, everyone grew up watching the same cartoons more or less. There were the big Disney, Looney Tunes, and Hanna Barbera cartoons that were most popular, of course. But, there were also others, from various corners of the world.

Two of those are what I recently came across and would like to share. The first one, Linus På Linjen (Linus On The Line) is basically just a walking man, consisting of a line with a smurf-like creature coming out of the line. The cartoon depicts him as he's walking about, experiencing various adventures. As you may notice, he's got quite the anger management problem (told you there are lots of angry folks out there), always getting angry and yelling in some foreign language that I have yet to make out. He also has the most contagious laughter that still makes me snicker. Here is Linus På Linjen for you to check out.

Another favorite childhood cartoon I remember fondly is Barbapapa, a French cartoon about a family of blobs, amoeba-like in their ability to morph themselves into pretty much any shape necessitated by the situation. This one is a little more geared toward children, but I still find the characters' morphing ability pretty neat. Check out Barbapapa here.

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Pete Eriksson said...

Linus på linjen... what a simple pleasure. He's a yapper that is hard to understand.