Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last Hoorah

Today we had our 'exit interview', a mandatory financial aid session for all of us who have taken out student loans to pay for our medical education (which is most of us). It is frightening how much money I owe. Looks like I'll be paying an arm and a leg, monthly, for the next 30 years. Some people invest in the stock market. Other folks invest in the housing market (although we've seen how that's turned out recently). So, pehaps investing in my rapidly deteriorating brain wasn't the worst possible idea. However, I'm not fully convinced it was the best idea either as any hopes of upgrading to the deluxe Ramen noodles version, were shattered to pieces this afternoon. Guess I'll be staying a PBR girl for a bit longer. However, I don't mind. There are worse things in life (Budweiser, Miller, etc.) and PBR has really grown on me, kinda like fungus.

Ah, fungus. That reminds me of that 'fun' fungal infection we learned about in our second year of medical school, Malazzesia Furfur. We really enjoyed tossing that name around for a while. Some of us even contemplated naming our next pet Malazzesia or Furfur. After we received our pagers at the beginning of our third year, we would text each other bogus consults with fancy medical terms we had learned to see who could come up with the funniest or most clever one, e.g.:
"Medicine team requesting surgical consult on a 43 year old male Pt with a midline malazzesia furfur fracture of the left ovary. We suspect that the Pt may have suffered spasmus nutans of the left gastrocnemius and as such may require an emergency anastomosis of the left dorsalis pedis and corpus spongiosum. Please advise promptly as Pt is experiencing paroxysmal bruxisms during micturition."

As you can surmise, I'm sure, it's basically just a bunch of random medical terms strung together into a garbled and meaningless word salad meant to sound impressive and be simultaneously entertaining.

It was great to see everyone today to catch up and reminisce. Tomorrow is bound to be an emotional day as we've made some great friendships after four years of medical school togetherness and now everyone's about to get flung off in various directions all across the country. I wish my classmates the best of luck in tomorrow's big moment of revelation. May you all get your first choice! Cheers, everyone! I'm off to a pre-match party to drink...what else...PBR of course!


mikehoeger said...

Theresa told me about The ChArlotte letter so I decided to look it up.

We have one common taste similarity. I have a secret love for PBR as well. Only my good friends were aware of our relationship. They're such great guys for accepting and letting her stay at our new apartment somewhere between the carrots and leftovers.

Charlotte said...

First of all, thank you for reading and for your comment.

Secondly, I believe we share at least TWO loves since we both love Theresa as well.

Third, interesting how PBR is a girl in your world. He's clearly a guy in my world...But to relegate your special girl to a place between the carrots and leftovers...? My 30 pack guy gets prime real estate in my fridge. ;)